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View System 2000 Brochure View System 2000 Video
View System 2000 Brochure View System 2000 Video
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We have what seems like a constant flow of hot water (our ten year old likes long showers).
Joe G., Croton-On-Hudson, NY

We purchased our System 2000 in March. What a huge difference it has made. First of all, the system is about one fourth the size of our old “crypt” system. Now that it is in, we have what seems like a constant flow of hot water (our ten year old likes long showers). The water also seems to flow at a much stronger rate than the old system. Additionally, we no longer feel or even hear the heat and hot water system shaking the house as they turn on and off. It has taken some time to get used to not hearing the system from our living room. We no longer have to adjust the television sound when the heat turns on.

I just love it. You can't even hear it run.
Shelley M., Morrisville, VT

Enclosed are the pictures of my new System 2000. I just love it. You can't even hear it run. Thank you so much!

This first year of usage amounted to 400 gallons or 46% savings. If I could just do that with my car!
Frank K., Levittown, PA

Last year, after 37 years of service it was time to replace my oil burner. Being a comparative buyer, I received quotes from five different heating oil distributors. In total I researched seven different systems. I reviewed the literature; I searched the internet for information on each product and computed return on investment analysis. Your company, ……, quoted two different systems. The proposal on the System 2000 bragged about a potential 40% savings. Using $2.579 a gallon as a basis, I ""worked the numbers"" and concluded the difference in price would be returned in seven years. Well the first year has passed and your ads claiming a 40% saving appear to be wrong. Attached is my work sheet that clearly displays that in fact my savings were really 46%. For the two years prior to the purchase of the System 2000 my average gallons per year was 740 gallons. This first year of usage amounted to 400.1 gallons or a 46% savings. If I could just do that with my car! The installation experience was awesome. It took a few days, soldering joints, installing additional tubing, etc., but the men that did the job were professional and when they were done, there was no sign that a major installation had occurred. Thank you … and … for introducing me to this super ""green"" heater. The ""System 2000"" proved to be everything you said it would be. It is very quiet, produces an unlimited amount of hot water, burns extremely clean, and has made it possible for me to deal with the rising cost of energy.

I am writing to tell you how pleased my wife and I are with the System 2000.
Gerry and Lesley R., Brewster, MA

"I am writing to tell you how pleased my wife and I are with the System 2000 heating system by Energy Kinetics that you installed this past fall. It has been a great replacement for our old burner, which lasted nearly 30 years. Our old burner had become inefficient and unreliable; hot water was limited and took a long time to heat. The System 2000, on the other hand, has been very efficient and reliable this winter; the hot water arrives quickly and seems virtually endless. Reliability and dependability are important to us because on those cold winter days it’s comforting to know that the house will be heated. We couldn’t always be certain with our old system. Obviously, efficiency is paramount, especially in these days of high oil prices. The System 2000 operates very quietly, which is a definite plus: “Quieter than a microwave”, as you promised. Once again, thank you for convincing us to install the System 2000."

This new burner is so so quiet. There is no...roar during its operation like the old one.
Bob D., South Dennis, MA

This is a short note to tell you how happy I am with my System 2000 Oil Burner that was installed in …….. As you know my old burner was very noisy when it was running, this new burner is so so quiet. There is no popping when it comes on or roar during its operation like the old one. The most important fact is the savings in oil costs. Last year just before the System 2000 burner was installed, I prepaid my fuel bill for an estimated amount of oil I thought I would use during the 2005/2006 winter, this was based on past usage. The good news is that to date, my account still has a cash balance and I have not had to write a check for additional fuel. The key I think is that the burner only runs when the system calls for heat. Thanks again for recommending the System 2000.

I can expect to conservatively see savings closer to 35% over the old system.
Christopher G., Orleans, MA

Just a quick note to update you on how well my System 2000 is performing since you installed it...The first thing I want to mention is the efficiency of the unit even though we added an additional heating zone in the basement of the house. Basing my use on an annual basis and considering that our entire family was at the house for Thanksgiving and again for 10 days for Christmas and New Years this year, we are experiencing a 26.7% decrease in oil consumption over the same period last year. Another great feature is the hot water system of the System 2000. With 10 people there and wanting showers, the extra clothes washing, extra dishwashing, etc. the system provided limitless hot water without compromise. Oh, and the system truly is “whisper quiet”...I kept having to listen to see if it was running!! I fully expect that under normal operational loads, and with that basement zone functional, that I can expect to conservatively see savings closer to 35% over the old system. All this and the responsive and professional service of...Truly a win/win success story.

Anyone with an oil fired system should be begging for this boiler in their home!
Kiley C., Bellingham, MA

Thanks, this system is amazingly quiet. Anyone with an oil fired system should be begging for this boiler in their home!

We used 33 gallons in 5 months for hot water...WOW!
Elaine W., Hillsborough, NJ

I want to express my gratitude to you and your company regarding my Energy Kinetics boiler. ..installed our new boiler in the Fall of 2008 in the basement of my ranch style house in Hillsborough, NJ. We have seen a large reduction in our oil consumption as a result of the new unit and its efficiency. I was interested in the oil usage through the summer to heat our water. So, we did a test. I topped off the oil tank in May and just today topped off our tank again. We used a total of 33 gallons in 5 months for hot water. That is about 6 gallons a month! WOW! I am truly impressed! You have a very happy customer! Again, thank you for your product and the savings it provides to my household budget.

The 38.9% saving is remarkable!
James N. , Lexington Park, MD

The System 2000 furnace, boiler and hot water heater was the real surprise. For the 2006 season, the System 2000 saved 406.6 gallons of heating oil over the average yearly consumption of 1045 gallon/season for the years 1998 through 2005 for the old furnace. The 38.9% saving is remarkable considering the 406.6 gallon savings at the current price of $2.599/gallon translates into a yearly savings of $1056.75! And oil prices are expected to rise. At this rate, the System 2000 will pay for itself in 5 years or less.

I saved 271 gallons with the System 2000 oil burner.
Ed P., Putnam, CT

I imagine you don't find many customers happy to pay a $638 oil bill, but I am happy to do so. Like everyone else, I'd rather see oil back to the buck a gallon of a couple decades ago, but since I have no control over that, I want to pay as little as possible. I did the check of degree days since my last fill-up and compared oil use for the period to what my old oil burner would have used. For the same amount of heat, I'd have to be sending you $1020.00. Going back over the season, from a fill up of 13 months ago, I saved 271 gallons with the System 2000 oil burner as compared to the older inefficient oil boiler. The folks at Energy Kinetics have saved me a bundle of money, enough to more than pay for the system itself every year. It is working as well as the day it was installed and is helping my bank account.

I continue to highly recommend the System 2000 to anyone who is upgrading their heating system.
Bruce S., Stockton Springs, ME

Nowadays everyone is always complaining about something and I thought I would NOT, and drop you a quick note. Ever since I had ..... install the System 2000 on November, 6, 2006, it has performed in my home so much better than I ever expected. The huge 1960's era furnace we replaced never supplied enough domestic hot water and on really cold winter nights the house was chilly despite the old clunker running full tilt. Today, your deliveryman left 205 gallons of heating oil. First delivery since May, 7, 2009. I would have used at least that much in 2 months during the summer months just to heat my hot water with the old system. When I first inquired about the System 2000...... explained exactly what they would be doing in replacing the old system. Your crew of installers completed the job in the time they said they would and since that time any questions or concerns have been answered promptly and to my satisfaction. I never expected such a return on this investment though. With the price of fuel so high last year I have now figured that this system will pay for itself this coming Spring.....It has been a pleasure dealing with your company and I have and will continue to highly recommend......and the System 2000 to anyone who is thinking of upgrading their heating system or building a new home. Please pass along our best wishes during the upcoming Holiday Season and may you all have a Happy and prosperous New Year.

I would highly recommend the System 2000 to anyone considering it as a heating system for their house.
George L., Williston, VT

I would like to take a moment to tell you about the experience I've had with my System 2000 heating system. Seventeen years ago I began researching heating systems for the house I was designing and going to build in Vermont. I was from the Maryland/Washington, DC area and knew I was headed for more severe winters there. I was interested in energy efficiency and was going to design some super insulation techniques into my home. One of the heating systems I came upon was the System 2000. As I got several contractors to give me estimates on their systems they all put down the System 2000. The heating system was going to have to heat a 4,000 square foot home with over 50 windows, some of them large windows. The contractors said the system was too small for my sized house and that the steel boiler would never last as long as a cast iron boiler. For some reason, I was not convinced by these contractors. So I continued to research the System 2000 heating system and the company. Well it’s been sixteen years and I have not been disappointed in my choice. Zero problems with the System 2000. That first year I only spent about a thousand dollars for heating the house and the domestic hot water. That was with outside temperatures that sometimes got down to 20-30 degrees below zero. Now remember, I used some special insulating techniques and I hand fitted the insulation myself. The vapor/air barrier was completely sealed around windows, doors and all exterior wall electrical switches and receptacles. Because the house was so tight I added a whole house heat exchange ventilation system in order to have controlled fresh air from the outside. I have never felt the heating system has had to overwork to keep up with the job of heating the house. In addition, I’ve added an apartment with another fifteen hundred square feet. The same System 2000 now supplies hot water for a heat exchanger in the attic that uses forced air to heat the third floor apartment. The original System 2000 now heats about 5,500 square feet of living space and does it easily. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend the System 2000 to anyone considering it as a heating system for their house.

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