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View System 2000 Brochure View System 2000 Video
View System 2000 Brochure View System 2000 Video
Savings Analysis

Below is a sample savings analysis estimate comparing an existing tankless coil oil boiler, a boiler with an indirect water heater, and System 2000 based on the Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratories study. Please contact your Energy Kinetics' heating professional to perform a savings estimate for your specific home, equipment, geography, current fuel prices and more. With your heating professional's help, you can even estimate your return on investment versus other alternatives!

Location Harrisburg, PA   Heat and Hot Water System Upgrade Summary  
Home size 2,200 (square feet)  
Hot water use Average   Current System New Upgrade Choice 2 Upgrade Choice 1  
Fuel Cost $3.29 per gallon Typical cast iron boiler with hot water coil in boiler Typical new cast iron boiler with 40 gallon indirect water heater System 2000
(87.9% AFUE)
Your estimated savings by upgrading to System 2000 from the current system is about $1150 per year, or $95 per month. Estimated savings are approximately $34504 and 231677 pounds of carbon dioxide (greenhouse gases) over a 30 year period. Estimated savings over option 2 are about $29290 and $1.03 per gallon. Fuel Type: Oil Heat Oil Heat Oil Heat  
  140000 BTU/hr 140000 BTU/hr EK1 83,000 BTU/hr  
Boiler Control: Typical Boiler Control Typical Boiler Control Energy Recovery (Top Rated Control)  
Estimated Annual Efficiency: 53% 56% 84%  
AFUE Rating: 85.0% 86.5% 87.9%  
Estimated Average Monthly Fuel Bill: $258 $244 $162  
    Estimated Annual Fuel Bill: $3,099 $2,925 $1,949  
System 2000 Estimated Draft Related Losses: 86 gallons 81 gallons 0 gallons  
Estimated Fuel Use: 942 gallons 889 gallons 592 gallons  
Estimated Summer Hot Water Fuel Use per Day: 0.8 gallons 0.7 gallons 0.2 gallons  
Estimated 30 year reduction in pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent (greenhouse gas emissions)*: 35,010 231,678  
  Savings per gallon: $0.18 $1.22  
  Equivilent Fuel Price: $3.11 $2.07  
  Estimated Savings Percent: 6% 37%  
  Estimated Annual Savings: $174 $1,150  
  Estimated 30 Year Fuel Savings $5,214 $34,504  

System Sizing and Selection Tool
    System Sizing and Selection Tool

Use this simple tool to estimate your savings and select the model of an Energy Kinetics' heating system that's right for you. Review your application with your Energy Kinetics heating professional to be sure of the proper selection.

Fuel Type:  
Annual Heating Fuel Consumption:
Fuel Price:
Enter Estimated Savings*: %
Current Annual Fuel Cost:  
Recommended Model:  
New Fuel Bill:  
Estimated 30 Year Fuel Savings:  
Estimated Annual Savings:  
Estimated 30 year reduction in pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent (greenhouse gas emissions)*: Pounds CO2
Other Information    
Heating Degree Days:  
Design Day Temperature:  

*Contact your Energy Kinetics heating professional for an estimate of savings for your specific application.

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Save Over $1.40 Per Gallon
    Cut up to $1.40 per gallon Off Propane or Fuel Oil Costs


Save on fuel costs now and minimize the impact of the volatility of future energy costs. By investing in your home comfort you can save dramatically this heating season and enjoy the benefits of virtually unlimited heat and hot water and near silent operation.

Based on fuel price of $3.50 per gallon and System 2000's typical fuel savings of up to 30%-40% or more, it's like saving up to $1.40 per gallon year after year!

To compare the economics of fuel choices, visit our fuel comparisons page or the Energy Information Agency.

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Home Improvement Investment
1040   Savings are a Tax Free Return on Investment

The generous tax-free return created through energy savings is a result of many features which contribute to a heating system capable of squeezing every bit of heat from every ounce of fuel. Add to that some of the benefits that all Energy Kinetics' heating systems offer and you can see why it's one home improvement project you can't afford to put off.

[ Compare to Taxable Investments and More ]

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Compare Heating Fuels
    Heating Fuel Comparison

All fuels were not created equal. A therm of gas, a gallon of fuel oil and a gallon of propane all have very different amounts of energy and real fuel costs are difficult to compare. Visit this page to find out more about how to compare fuel costs and to learn about how System 2000, 90+ Resolute™, and Accel CS™ provide a versatile solution and is fuel neutral.

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Greenhouse Gas Savings
    All Energy Kinetics' heating systems can limit energy footprint and reduce greenhouse gases.

Of course, saving energy also means cutting greenhouse gas emissions. System 2000, 90+ Resolute, and Accel CS installations often reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to taking a car off the road, or planting more than an acre of forest!

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