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View System 2000 Brochure View System 2000 Video
View System 2000 Brochure View System 2000 Video
System 2000

Prepare by Reviewing this Checklist

Take a few moments to make a list of the most important things you want to accomplish. Be sure to cover these points with your heating professional so your needs will be properly addressed.

  1. Review your current system:
    • Comfort levels: do all rooms heat adequately?
    • Do you have sufficient hot water and consistent temperature and pressure levels?
    • Are there any unusual drafts or cold spots?
    • Are there any unusual sounds? Is your system too loud?
  2. Collect past year or two of heating bills for review.
    • How much energy do you use in your home for heat and hot water?
      This will be used to help properly size your heating system and for an estimate of savings.
  3. List your hot water requirements:
    • How many showers are taken a day?
    • Are there any special high-flow shower heads or fixtures?
    • Are there hot tubs or spas?
    • Do you have a pool you would like to heat?
  4. Are there any unusual occupancy patterns?
    • Away in the winter, second home only used on weekends?
  5. Do you plan on additions to your home or building?
  6. Do you plan to integrate radiant heat, air-conditioning or renewable energy currently or in the future?
  7. How long do you plan to live in your home?
  8. Do you want to zone comfort areas to optimize energy efficiency with programmable "set back thermostats"?
This list will help a heating professional properly design a customized heating solution for your home or building.

Sizing an Energy Kinetics' Heating System
    Sizing System 2000, 90+ Resolute™, or Accel CS™ for your Application

Energy Kinetics' unique Hybrid Energy Recovery® control, low mass spiral boiler design and hot water making system automatically adapts to meet your heating loads. It's so versatile that it runs at near peak efficiency from small intermittent loads through full output--most boilers don't. Properly sizing your heating system to your needs is important to get the best efficiency.

Collect your past fuel use information and use our System Sizing and Selection Tool to find out which Energy Kinetics' heating system is right for you!
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