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View System 2000 Brochure View System 2000 Video
View System 2000 Brochure View System 2000 Video
Fuel Neutral - Natural Gas, Oil Heat & Boiheat, Propane
Multi-Fuel Fuel Neutral - Natural Gas, Oil Heat & Boiheat, Propane

Energy Kinetics’ family of products, Frontier EK1, EK2 and EK3, and 90+ Resolute™ run on natural gas, oil heat, propane or bioheat (B5) fuel sources and can be converted between fuels with a simple burner change. The rest of the system stays the same—this includes the boiler, water heater, thermostats, zones, Digital Energy Manager and more. In some cases a flue liner change may be required. The Accel CS™ may be converted between natural gas and propane with a simple orifice change.

Ahh, Comfort Beyond Nearly Endless Hot Showers...

Energy robbing draft regulators and draft hoods used with conventional boilers and furnaces are eliminated with the advanced design of all Energy Kinetics' heating systems. These devices draw in outside air through windows, doors, and any areas air can infiltrate, making homes and buildings more draftier and less comfortable while increasing fuel consumption to heat this air. This also increases air conditioning loads in the summer for hot water systems and boilers that run year round.

Further adding to your savings and comfort, outside combustion air may be piped directly to System 2000, 90+ Resolute and Accel CS.

And Energy Kinetics' Hybrid Energy Recovery® anticipates the end of thermostat calls, turning off the burner sooner and keeping your baseboard or other radiation warm longer for gentle heat and comfort at your thermostat setting.

Quiet Operation
Save 100s of Dollars
"Energy Kinetics has saved us hundreds of dollars a year on the cost of heating our home, without sacrificing our family's comfort."

The whisper quiet operation of all Energy Kinetics' heating systems is extraordinary. The industry leading burner air box design filters out annoying sounds and background noises and may be connected to outside air to eliminate stealing combustion air from inside the building envelope, further improving comfort.

In addition to being efficient, the spiral boiler design and heavy insulation is an extremely effective noise dampening system—flue products travel over 10 feet before exiting into the flue. These features are unique compared to other home heating systems.
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Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy Sources
  All Energy Kinetics' heating systems are perfect for integrating with renewable energy sources.

SolarThermal and Geothermal heat and hot water systems can have a dramatic impact on fossil fuel consumption. Whether you're working on integrating renewable energy now, or in the future, System 2000, 90+ Resolute and Accel CS are ideal matches to optimize efficiency and performance.
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Clean, Efficient, Safe
System 2000

  Clean, Efficient, Safe


With either gas or oil heat units, the modern boiler design and combustion chambers of the System 2000, 90+ Resolute and Accel CS insure thorough, clean combustion. All Energy Kinetics' heating systems burn so cleanly, they can offer a through-the-wall venting option compatible with natural gas, propane, bioheat (B5) or heating oil, even if no chimney is available.


With so many efficiency enhancing features (not currently calculated in the AFUE ratings) such as a low mass design, superior insulation and Hybrid Energy Recovery® control, all Energy Kinetics' heating systems clearly outperform other units which may have "comparable" AFUE ratings. To find out more about the true meaning of AFUE ratings, see below.


All Energy Kinetics' heating systems incorporate all necessary safety controls and have an additional safety check for potential problems with chimneys and venting. With the system connected to a security system, homeowners and business owners can have peace of mind with 24/7 monitoring even while away.

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Steel Construction
Steel Construction
  Specially Formulated Steel Construction

...a modern solution to today's heating needs. Nearly 30 years of field experience and precision engineering combined with true commercial grade construction on all System 2000, 90+ Resolute and Accel CS models all add up to proven performance and reliability.

Compare construction of all Energy Kinetics' heating systems to cast iron boilers: System 2000 and 90+ Resolute steel is typically 50% stronger than cast iron. It's ductile, flexible, and easy to weld into complex shapes. It heats up rapidly, expands and contracts easily, and is highly resistant to temperature shock. It’s simply a better material for hot water boilers—combined with their commercial grade construction, System 2000 and 90+ Resolute outshine all cast iron and other steel designs.

The Accel CS uses high grade 316L stainless steel to out last aluminum and other grades of stainless steel in condensing boiler operations.

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AFUE and Real Efficiency
Energy Guide
  Energy Kinetics' Heating Systems and Real Efficiency

Click below to find out how government Energy Guide ratings (AFUE) can mis-represent fuel efficiency by up to 47%. System 2000, 90+ Resolute and Accel CS are designed for REAL efficiency, not just for the Energy Guide rating. In fact, AFUE ratings are generations behind today's technology, and real efficiency and savings are not reflected in AFUE ratings.
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